Key Issues
A Trusted Advocate for Shawnee

Why are you running for office?
I care about the City of Shawnee and want to make it a place where families can live, work, and grow. I want Shawnee to be a successful community. I think we need to do a better job maintaining our roads and redeveloping the large vacant retail spaces. I would also like to see the re-opening of the old Aztec Theater, and will work towards getting that done.

What is your position on the use of economic development incentives?
I believe that in order for a community to be successful, it must have an expanding economy and be competitive with our neighboring cities. From time to time we should elect to use the economic development incentive tools the State of Kansas has provided. Not all projects need incentives, but when they make sense I will work towards getting the proper incentives in place to make these projects successful for the developers, the City and the citizens of Shawnee. There are large commercial properties in Shawnee that have been vacant for 14+ years; these have created a negative impact on our economy, as well as creating crime zones for our police department to have to patrol. Incentives need to be given to encourage re-development of these properties.

Where do you stand on city spending and taxation?
I have voted against several budgets primarily due to the excessive spending in recent years. I have never voted for a tax increase in the nearly 15 years I have served on the Shawnee City Council. I believe we need to live with the taxes the citizens of Shawnee have provided and not increase that percentage. We need to increase revenue by increasing development (and re-development) and increasing the economy, not by continuing to raise taxes.

What specific changes or goals do you propose for Shawnee?
Do a better job of maintaining our roads so property values do not continue to decline, re-develop empty retail centers, support our schools, maintain great parks, and re-open the Aztec Theater.

Why are you a better candidate for the position than your opponents?
I believe I am the best representative for the people of Shawnee because I will hold the line on spending, not raise taxes, help promote our community to developers and re-developers, and help in the fight against violent crimes. I have a proven track record in all of these areas.